baby sloth

If you love babies and you love animals you might want to sit down for this one because you are about to get a major dose of cute overload.
Baby sloth just after being born Sloth Institute founder Sam Trull listening to the heartbeat of one of her sloth patients
There really isn't anything better for your morning than a baby sloth. In this adorable video, a mom and her newborn are
Some baby sloths want to hand you a flower, while others are content to just sit in a rain boot. This baby sloth just wants
And last year, Sid the baby sloth clutched his teddy bear as he drank milk from a bottle. According to the video from Animal
Want to see more sloth adorableness? Check out this little guy who definitely has a case of the Mondays. For these little
According to the zoo's website, Sid is "growing well" and enjoying a diet of milk and cooked vegetables. Green beans are
Well, this yawning baby sloth feels your pain. Being adorable is turning out to be a huge burden for him. Watch his nap get