"Jeanise is a true angel. I will probably always think of her as my godmother," the actor said.
4. Keep it fresh. Don't go into autopilot and make a reservation at your favorite restaurant--the one right around the corner
3. Seek balance, and don't be afraid to ask for help. All the merriment takes a toll, not only on the budget but also on
6. She's an extraordinary team player. When our full-time babysitter arrives and learns that my son has lost a privilege
Sadly, Brad and Angelina's marriage isn't the only one to crumble. Nearly half of all first marriages and an even higher percentage of second and third nuptials end in divorce. Though unfortunate for the couples involved -- and as Brad has proclaimed in his post-split statement -- what really matters is the kids.
I am one of the lucky ones. I dodged a major bullet. My kids are okay. Four years later and my kids don't even remember her name. But, I do. And I will never forget the lessons she taught me. Don't judge a book by its cover. Because sometimes the cover is nice, but the story is ugly.
"Poop will have a distinct smell; carefully open the back and look for signs."
12. Get a babysitter for the later evening and spend time alone together--that time you've promised by both have had trouble
The Arguments for Using a Nanny Cam • Who couldn't benefit from a little peace of mind? It can be difficult to leave your