This is despite the “Saturday Night Live” "Weekend Update" co-anchor describing himself as a “great babysitter.”
Vadie Sides disappeared from her babysitter's sight while they were walking the dog in eastern Alabama.
The West Jordan Police Department prides itself on stepping in where needed.
Corey Lewis, who runs a youth mentoring program, was followed by a white woman from a Walmart to his mother's home.
A few mistakes to avoid making if you want to keep a good sitter satisfied.
"Poop will have a distinct smell; carefully open the back and look for signs."
Parents, I can see where you are coming from. Truly, I can. Childcare is expensive. The idea of paying top dollar for someone to sit at your house while your child is sleeping can be difficult to swallow. But here's the thing -- your nanny/babysitter isn't doing "nothing" -- they are taking care of your child.