One thing is certain; babywearing fever has arrived. Yet there is so much more to this art form than beautiful fabrics alone.
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During the twin's hospitalization, my husband Noah and I received beautiful, generous gifts, one of which changed our family's life: the skill of babywearing.
Once we got home and started our lives together, I chose to co-sleep, breast feed on demand, and I often "wore" him in a sarong-type carrier popular in African countries. And guess what? I was criticized almost every day of his childhood.
Her viral video has received a full range of reactions.
As new mothers, we are knee-deep in the pursuit of that elusive "life balance." There are so many tiny details that made up our day. Moment to moment, it seems mundane. But as we tuck our children into bed and reflect on all we accomplished, those details blend and form a melody.
Wright wrote on her blog that she dances for love: "The love I have for self, the love for my daughter, the love we have
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As a dad, I will never be able to duplicate what my wife shares maternally with Avery, so I depend on babywearing to get as close as I can.