Bachelor Parties

This week, Bass confirmed to E! News that all of his *NSYNC bandmates will be in attendance at his nuptials, with the exception
The Bachelor Party. A time-honored tradition of male-bonding in which a group of friends wish "Bon Voyage" to their lucky - or unlucky - friend about to take the plunge into matrimony, by drinking more than they ever have.
Before walking down the aisle, some celebs like to let loose. Strippers are a traditional part of both bachelor and bachelorette
No relationship is going to be perfect, close to perfect or even in the ballpark. And that's okay. Relationships are tricky and take a lot of figuring out. Don't forget to just enjoy the ride, even if that means you aren't "Facebook official" yet.
Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost Weddings on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. "There were various shouts about how the strippers
Break with tradition to throw the kind of party that your soon-to-be-wed will really love -- be it a refined tea party or an all-out bacchanalia.
Being in your late 20s means that bachelorette parties are a regular part of your social calendar. The problem is, most bachelorette parties SUCK.