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"The hill that she has to climb on ... it's just a different hill than men have to climb."
Bachmann's claim that she had an impeccable factual record in debates seems especially impressive, considering that the GOP
Sircus later took to Twitter to announce his contribution to Graves and marvel at the bounce that his campaign had reportedly
Despite her national fan base and a massive war chest, Rep. Michele Bachmann may be in more danger than most suspect, with
Former U.S. officials, NGO leaders, and academics concerned with U.S. policy in the region are circulating a letter to Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi, urging that the anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists on the House Intelligence Committee be replaced.
“I feel this is a real opportunity for a candidate to raise the economic issues that the Occupy movement is talking about
Bachmann also told Hunt that she was happy with the field's stance on the issues she had promoted most enthusiastically during
Before Michele Bachmann dropped out of the GOP presidential race race on Wednesday after the Iowa caucus, her husband Marcus
Kent Sorenson, the Iowa state senator who served in the Bachmann campaign, denied the allegations and said he accepted no