background check

It may go nowhere because President Donald Trump hasn't signed off on it yet.
Democrats have long contended their support for gun control laws doesn't mean they want to take away law-abiding citizen's firearms.
The president is expected to be briefed on potential gun control proposals this week.
Presumably, Gov. Greg Abbott knows that most private gun sales in Texas don't require background checks.
President Trump's contradictory statements on gun policy this month have been confusing — but his stance has fluctuated many times in the last 20 years.
"There should be something on guns. There should be a better background check,” one man said.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has so far refused to take up two House bills that would expand background checks for gun purchases.
Two House bills aim to close the "gun show loophole." Experts say they'll have little effect on gun crime without a larger set of reforms.
The former Arizona congresswoman and shooting survivor demands that Mitch McConnell hold a vote on the gun legislation the House passed earlier this year.
The New Jersey senator and 2020 presidential candidate wants to take gun licensing national.
The most significant gun control bill to pass the House in more than two decades will now go to the Senate.
The Democratic-led bill would require federal background checks for nearly all firearm transactions, including private sales at gun shows or online.
Appealing to firearm "super-owners" and their sense of responsibility is key to unlocking new gun safety laws.
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The back-and-forth comes as the FBI investigates several claims of sexual misconduct against the Supreme Court nominee.
A newly enacted package of legislation includes a red flag law, expanded background checks and additional restrictions on ammunition magazines.
The president seemed to endorse the idea less than two weeks ago
The staffers with pending background checks were downgraded to a lower-level “secret” interim security clearance, Bloomberg reports.
This would "significantly undermine" efforts to keep firearms out of dangerous hands, gun control advocates say.