Float planes pull right up to the Farm Lodge for transport into interior Lake Clark. Photo credit: Jonathan Irish With such
Arctic Sand Dunes: There are a few national parks in America where sand dunes can be found: Guadalupe Mountains in Texas
Eat ALL of the food A long walk through the countryside of Hsipaw in Myanmar Don't give in to those poop thoughts. That routine
That's the basic flow of a guided backpacking and float trip down the Noatak River in Alaska's Brooks Range. All in all, we
Traveling on foot toward the Kennicott Glacier. Photo credit: Jonathan Irish Starting the long, brain-shaking drive down
Denali is a wide open and trail-less expanse that satisfies perfectly those who want to get off-grid and sleep in the wild
After a glorious free day on the beaches of the Italian Riviera, my tour group is heading north for the Swiss Alps. Because
There's never a dull moment in Thailand's infamous capital city: Bangkok. The sprawling metropolis is a global crossroads, also notorious for its red light districts and fast-paced nights of drinking and debauchery. For many first time backpackers to Southeast Asia, banana pancake trail initiation begins at Khaosan Road, where they get their first taste of Thailand night life.
Before TripAdvisor and Yelp, before cell phones and before 9/11, I had Let's Go Europe, an oversized bright yellow softcover
Yes, that's my travel packing list It's everything I own. I live off a backpack and travel indefinitely. There is nothing to brag about, but I can say that I never felt lighter and richer in my life.
I can’t tell you whether or not you should go to India alone, but I can tell you my experience, and let you make your own
From Hoi An, take an overnight train to Hanoi, and then a bus to Halong Bay. There are hundreds of boat tour operators to
Ladies, we all know how overwhelming it can be to pack for a vacation, let alone a lengthy backpacking adventure halfway across the globe. It always begins the same way: an empty suitcase or backpack and a closet bulging with treasures of lace, silk and cotton.
Raising over $112,000 since August 1st, fans of the Slimfold Wallet - a modern, space-saving take on an essential item - pledged
I am not a perfect mom. I don't pretend to be. The path that I'm working my way through with my husband and our kids is like those Western singletracks that my boyfriend-now-husband and I used to walk on; knowing that others had plodded down this same path before, but the grass had again grown over in places, or trees had fallen down and we had to climb our own way over.
Covering the ecological and economic opportunities in Thailand led a film team to discover challenges in filming a nation rebranding itself.
Never before have I been to a country whereby the preconceptions of it are so far away from reality. There is no war in Iran
You are having the time of your life traveling the unknown and enjoying every second of it. You don’t even mind getting lost
There will never be a photograph captured of the Grand Canyon that can adequately describe its depth, breadth, and true beauty. Its canyon walls have stories that we will never hear and beholds a history that our eyes will never see.