Following the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, attention has turned toward an alleged sex trafficking victim from Wisconsin who shot and killed her abuser.
That’s a big switch for the Democratic presidential candidate, whom sex workers have criticized for good reason.
This bill was supposed to fight sex trafficking. But it's driving women back to a riskier, pre-internet world of sex work.
Backpage has only been closed a short amount of time, but people are terrified and desperate and have no choice but to hit the streets.
Advocates say the legislation conflates consensual sex workers and trafficked victims, leaving many sex workers to face even more dangerous conditions.
The federal government had seized the classifieds website, which featured ads for sex work, days before.
Agencies including ECPAT International, Polaris, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and The United Nations
Alas, before the hearings were even completed, we realized Backpage had already simply moved prostitution ads over to its dating site, using terms like "Young" and "Fresh." As if no one would notice.
The worst online abusers of women aren't who you think they are.
The judge cited a shield law for tech companies that protects them from prosecution for content posted by third parties.
The site is accused of facilitating sex trafficking, including that involving children. says it's not responsible for how third parties use their website.
The Rentboy raid is just the latest salvo in what civil rights attorneys and sex worker rights advocates say is an "ongoing war against sex" by the government.