A 15-year-old interviewed in the case, who had been pimped out at age 13, told investigators that had posted
But in a staff report from the Investigations Committee, there's clear proof that officials, including Mr. Ferrer
The controversy over's escort service ads and their link to child sex trafficking is traveling through the state and federal courts, the financial services industry, and the court of public opinion.
We kept in touch, and Kate invited me to her New York screening of the completed documentary. (Full disclosure: I was more
The Senate vote was the first time it has issued contempt charges since 1995. says it's not responsible for how third parties use their website.
If this is the "Stonewall" of sex work, let it not be the aftermath of Stonewall where a privileged minority colonizes and benefits off the work of society's "others."
The message from the federal government has largely been a threat to the lives and livelihood of US citizens, who are, it must be said, under the law, criminals.
Major credit card companies have cut ties with the classified ad site,, in an attempt to curb sex trafficking. But can credit cards can make sex work safer?
Diana Hemingway discusses just how important it is for her to be able to advertise on Backpage.
In recent years, much of that business has gone online, in the form of anonymous ads promoting "escorts," "massage parlors
With American Express, Visa and Mastercard all agreeing to stop processing payments for Backpage, anyone who wants to place
Trafficking and prostitution will always exist in some form, even the most ardent abolitionist would not suggest otherwise. But we can't simply stand by and allow traffickers to continue profiting from within the darker recesses of the internet.
The girls seek damages from -- believed to sell the most online prostitution ads involving children in the country -- for creating an illegal online marketplace and policing it in bad faith. After published their pictures and sales pitches about them, the girls, ages 13 and 15, were repeatedly raped by customers.
At Covenant House, the hemisphere's largest movement of programs and shelter services for homeless and trafficked young people, we see far too many kids who have been forced into prostitution.
Jennifer Marie Brys, 25, of Warren, Mich., allegedly had a prostitution ad on the site, according to a WXYZ