bacteria art

A petri dish is her canvas, and the microbes are her paint.
Rogan Brown, for one. The artist, based in southern France, has created a stunning paper sculpture that resembles a gigantic
Going forward, Yi has ambitions of starting a smell symposium, to bring together the minds -- "noses," she joked -- of the
Ben-Jacob's images look more like tie-dyed galaxies than microcosmic forms. According to io9, "the bacteria in each colony
During the art fairs this week as thousands of people entered and exited The Armory Show, Scope, NADA, Volta, Independent (and many others), real living things shaped as art silently stood on pedestals within the walls of Feature Gallery on the Lower East Side. These works will live forever -- literally.
Copfer, an MFA photography student, uses his inspired methodology to render E-coli based renderings of Pablo Picasso, Albert