bad advice

Here are the top five things people have told me over the years and which now at 50+ I'm glad I turned a deaf ear on. Had I listened to them, none of the good things in my life would have happened.
"It's the smart and strong thing to do four months before the primary," these super-geniuses say.
this lawyer-speak got me thinking about how we might be able to leverage the phrase at work should we ever find ourselves in a pickle. Here are situations in which we can make our workplace worries disappear by saying, "More probable than not."
Taking advice at face value, or blindly following one rule or formula, doesn't do anything to increase your financial know-how. Long-term success will only come when you learn the rationale behind the advice and then decide for yourself if you should take it (or leave it)!
If you want to describe something and don't feel like also using your brain, just reach for a cliché instead! It tells the reader, "this part isn't very important, so you only have to give it as much attention as I did when I put these words together," which is helpful!
So if we all have big, wild dreams, why are so few people actively working towards those dreams Why, you might ask? Because we are all given some pretty crappy advice.
3. Go out alone. get out of your comfort zone. Make time to eat a meal by yourself, find a friendly local willing to
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When it comes to matters of the heart, why anyone would think to take advice from a celebrity is beyond us. They tend to
Before a member of the Women's Committee at law firm Clifford Chance emailed her "Presentation Tips for Women" to the company's female employees, she probably should have considered how they might be received.
While much of what is covered is common sense, we believe that it is important that women as well as men are given access
1. "He'll change once that baby comes..." -Sonya A. 4. "Just pray for him, honey!" -Naomi Elisabeth B. And as well-meaning
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1. Point to yourself and say "You could've had this!" 12. Booze 8. Drop a ton of money at a magic store and puff-of-smoke
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