bad bosses

This happens all the time, and you may not even realize it. Here's how to advocate for yourself.
“My wife is coming in later. Can you order some Kate Spade perfume and get all the porn off my computer?"
They need to feel in control — and can make your life hell.
Narcissists are self-absorbed perfectionists who can make their employees lives' hell.
The 91,515 coins weighed about 504 pounds, and were delivered to the worker after he was forced to contact the government to get his last pay stub.
Be careful. Is your bad manager a rescuer, a people-pleaser or a numbers person?
A secret audio recording can be key to proving harassment or discrimination – if it's done legally.
Don't be fooled by "Everything is fine" and "Don't you agree?"
How not to get fooled if your boss tries the same tactics on you.
When it comes to behavior and emotions, employees consciously and subconsciously take cues from their leaders.