bad bosses

Narcissists are self-absorbed perfectionists who can make their employees lives' hell.
The 91,515 coins weighed about 504 pounds, and were delivered to the worker after he was forced to contact the government to get his last pay stub.
Be careful. Is your bad manager a rescuer, a people-pleaser or a numbers person?
A secret audio recording can be key to proving harassment or discrimination – if it's done legally.
Don't be fooled by "Everything is fine" and "Don't you agree?"
When it comes to behavior and emotions, employees consciously and subconsciously take cues from their leaders.
But before you throw your hands up just because your boss is degrading, condescending, a micro-manager, a yeller, a passive aggressive lamebrain or, simply a bully, there are strategies you can employ that will help you preserve your sanity. Consider these tactics before you bolt for the door.
I dread getting my annual judgement handed down to me. I am instantly transported back to the age where naps were part of school and when my favorite activity was building walls and knocking them down with my boyfriend, Clarence.
And I have to believe, that's just as valuable as the good things I've learned from the few amazing CDs I've had the pleasure
This may feel as if I've asked you to suck on a lemon, but find a way, anyway, that you can to feel better about your boss. Go on... I challenge you, even though I know you're kicking and screaming with resistance, and you're about to delete this post.