bad cops

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney says the officer's tats are "incredibly offensive."
The suspect allegedly told his victim she'd get favorable treatment if she gave him oral sex.
Officer Hardin allegedly stepped out of his car in order to stroke himself.
Full disclosure: I have been peeing on the roof deck of my apartment lately. That sounds really Soviet-era mental patient, but wait. I have an excuse.
The off-duty officer allegedly grabbed a bartender's breast.
Some people just shouldn't be police officers. It's a sad fact. They don't have the right temperament, the right attitude, nor are they capable of separating their personal feelings from their profession.
Search Warrant and Affidavit.pdf by Justin Russell She broke off all communication with Dupuy after the divorce was finalized
After receiving calls from witnesses, MPD opened five sexual assault cases against the suspect, who allegedly drove around
Solis was terminated by the Los Angeles Police Department after he was named a suspect in the case. Authorities said Solis
Welcome to the Age of the Instant Upload...
The two officers would allegedly conduct traffic stops, fake arrests and take drivers' property. Nothing seized from the
Douglas has worked for the sheriff's office since May 2006, but will be fired, according to Nocco. Douglas allegedly admitted
Musrasrik, 25, has since hired Honolulu attorney Myles Breiner to represent him in a possible lawsuit. Seti has been placed
A few hours later, he was fired from his job as Miami Gardens police chief, a $165,000 position he had held since last May