bad credit

Plus, should you ever pay to have your poor credit fixed?
It's possible, but it may not be worth the added fees and high interest rates.
A low credit score isn't always a deal breaker.
Are you looking for true love, or at least a nifty parlor trick? Well, you'd better acquaint yourself with the telltale signs of good and bad credit.
In most situations, persistence is rewarded. You might think you should respond to a credit card denial by filling out another
Some credit card issuers take advantage of people with bad credit by gouging them with excessive fees. Annual fee: There
Chaplin says that while making payments on time is a crucial step toward building credit, it's not sufficient by itself. The
It's complicated. If you were a landlord, would you rather take a chance on someone with no established credit, or give a
Moving from one of these less desirable situations to a good credit standing may use different tools, but the method is much
2. Lower your credit utilization Divide your total credit balances by your total credit limits, and you'll find your credit