bad day

Capt. Jay Baker of Georgia's Cherokee Sheriff's Office drew criticism for his comment about the killings of eight people, including six Asian women.
With the skyline in front of me, I remembered: I live here. And I can't just exist here. I need to thrive here. So I'm going to keep messing up until I find the right solution and I'm going to keep creating disasters until someone calls it talent.
Last week, I had one of those days. You know, the ones where you wish you could just press “reset” and start all over. I
If you want to have a bad day too, here are some psychology-backed ways to make it happen all by yourself -- no catastrophe needed:
Mondays. 4. Give in (not up). *crickets. crickets.* Short of losing a front tooth, here are the four ways you, too, can turn
That morning started out like all other mornings; I woke up, for better or worse, on my own side of the bed, 5-year-old feet wedged uncompromisingly in the small of my back and 2-year-old full body scrambling to climb onto my head, her diaper reeking of stale pee.
We must accept our current best, even if it is not our idealized best. We should continue to try and be our best but realize that it's okay if we don't achieve it... yet.
Self-fulfilling prophecies can be powerful. But we get choices. Just because something bad has happened doesn't give you