bad ideas

@HashtagManiacs decided to challenge the world to share their bad idea using only 5 words. Thus the hashtag #BadIdeaIn5Words was born!
A Colorado barbeque joint called Rubbin’ Buttz will offer a 10 percent discount to white people in what it calls an effort
There are quite a few things that I like the IDEA of a lot more than the thing itself. For instance: Boats.
Watch out for all that sketchiness! McGuire also clarified in an interview with Crain's New York that people of all races
Many well-meaning drugs have ended in disaster but one of the worst may be Thalidomide. The drug was given to pregnant women
There are plenty of bad ideas out there. But here's the thing: the bad ideas might just get you further than the good ones.
The austerity policies that gripped the world in the face of the global economic downturn have not worked. Unless the intent
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