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Bad moods are inevitable. We all have them, but we don't have to let them get the best of us. Although we eventually snap out of them, we don't have to wait it out. Here are 13 ways to quickly kick a rotten mood before it ruins your day.
If you are in a funk or particularly bad mood, "What can I learn from it?" Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and do some detective to figure out what triggered it. Is there something else going on that you need to address?
We've all fallen prey to shame spirals and rumination. In his new book, Elisha Goldstein, PhD, helps you identify and escape those bad-mood traps.
Are you a sleep worker? No, not a sleepwalker, but a person who goes to work and attempts to function on too little sleep? It turns out, one-third of American workers are sleep working -- not getting enough sleep to function at peak levels, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School.
It's not in my nature to take a pause for something when I'm dedicated to getting it done a certain way. But what I know is that stopping and asking myself if there might be an easier way is worth the potential time and energy I would save.
Know that moments of foul will happen, and do your best to deal with it in a way that doesn't damage you or others. And know that, no matter what, the foul will pass.
Spend time with people you care about. Camaraderie and emotional support from loved ones help us regain our equilibrium and
Like the monsters who lived under many of our beds when we were kids (mine was an alligator!), when we turn on the light, the monster magically disappears. I know this, but gosh! It's hard to do when you're scared. To "turn on the light" on a ferocious, scary problem, there are five steps brave grown-ups can take.
Deal with your no-sleep situation. Here's how to tame your bad-mood triggers: If reading this has upset you, take heart: "It's
Breaking down the key differences between winter blues and seasonal affective disorder.
By stopping and becoming aware of our thoughts, we allow ourselves to take a step outside of the picture long enough to observe what's going on so that we can make a conscious decision about how we want to feel.
Understand, this too, shall pass. Like the waves of the tide, your moods ebb and flow. You can trust in the ways of the universe -- your low mood will lift in time.
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So you're cranky. You don't know why exactly, but you're running on a short fuse. We all have those days -- days when we're worried, stressed out or angry. I definitely know those days! The below five steps are methods I've used get out of a funk, and they may help you as well.
2. You still haven't seen any sunlight today. Trapped inside all day? That could be contributing to the grumps. In a small