bad reviews

A bad review is, of course, very uncomfortable to read. You can cry, have a few too many drinks, or get mad. A few authors take it with a grain of salt and let it go or at least, pretend to do so.
It is a truth widely known fact that if you're fortunate enough to have written and published a book and lucky enough to have people talk about it, comments will run the gamut from good to bad, with many shades of mediocre in between.
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Last fall, author Marc Nobleman came up with the idea of "... a variation on a poetry slam at which kidlit/YA authors read aloud their most critical or absurd user reviews (from Amazon or Good Reads) for comic relief/catharsis."
Negative reviews from unhappy customers, peeved ex-employees or close competitors are a challenge for local businesses, legitimate or not.
Yes, irresponsible and unaccountable negativity is toxic to art, but cultivating and rewarding disingenuous praise is equally so. The responsibility for creating a more permissive environment for thoughtful negativity starts at the top.
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