bad sex

He allegedly used the tenant's wedding dress as a towel.
The van wasn't available for comment.
“This jerk, is playing with both his nipples while staring at my face."
Officers quickly realized it wasn't going to be a typical DUI stop.
The couple is accused of stealing two thongs, oral sex candy and a vibrator.
This dating columnist is dating two men, and has slept with both. But she doesn't think men expect women to be checking them out in bed in parallel, so she must make a decision.
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The accused promised to let a suspect go if he could lick her feet or have her panties.
Police want to talk with man accused of tossing airplane made from dirty mags.
The suspect was provided with mental health services before being booked on two counts of unlawful filming, a misdemeanor
Cirilo Castillo Jr., 45, was arraigned last week after a February incident in which he allegedly broke his leg while trying