bad teachers

One of the two arrested teachers reportedly told an 11-year-old, "Go and kill yourself."
The Canadian teacher has been accused of telling her students lots of inappropriate things, including to "grow some balls."
The boy said, "I saw something no 13-year-old should ever see in a school."
If you care about the future of education in the U.S. then the Republican Presidential debates have been a massive disappointment. The problem is that the candidates all believe the same thing, so there is nothing to debate. In fact, through two debates, education has only come up once.
Things may be getting touchy for a teacher in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, because of a photo allegedly showing two female
An extra credit assignment that suggested students pose for selfies with their parent's sex toys has aroused controversy
Hill eventually apologized to the team, according to Neither Hill nor school officials have responded to media
The thing voters need to ask themselves is: Who do they believe has the best interests of their child in mind more -- the person who interacts with them every day and is part of their local community, or the corporate CEO 500 miles away who answers to an unelected board and investors?
The text messages include a request to perform oral sex. Pagel also allegedly sent two nude photos via text. Police said
"I was furious... I mean, I was furious," Medina said, according to KHOU TV. "If you can't do your job or you don't know
A middle shool teacher in Montgomery County, Maryland, is under fire after assigning students an essay asking how they would
After Teague's photo of the misspelled school sign went viral, officials reassigned Young to a vice principal position at
While out on the town, Aguero-Dupla got a tattoo at a Lower East Side parlor and then went to a bar for "Whiskey Wednesday