It started when someone wanted to park his car, when a German car (Mercedes) arrived and took his place. The driver of the
A partial stadium collapse shocked onlookers at a badminton tournament earlier this week in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City. h
Understanding how soft skills that can be developed through sports -- for example ethics, attitudes and communications -- are relevant to the world of work provides an interesting perspective on youth employability.
On July 31 badminton fans were dealt an Olympic injustice, watching in disbelief as athletes deliberately served into the net and hit wayward shots in an attempt to lose a match. The gravest injustice, however, took place well before the games began.
It seems to me to be a case of delicious irony. The Olympic Committee was not happy to see the principles taught by Jesus implemented in their games.
[2] EDIT/UPDATE: I'd like to respond briefly to some of the arguments that have been made
This week, America, on its journey down the path toward a more perfect union, continued its prolonged pit-stop at Chick-fil-A. The meal consisted of an overheated "appreciation day" for the fast-food chain, cooked up by Mike Huckabee, and a bitter side order of attacking fat people. No one ever said civil rights wouldn't come with an occasional bout of national indigestion. In India, over 670 million people were thrown into darkness during the biggest blackout since Charlie Sheen's last drinking binge. On Wall Street, a rogue algorithm caused a trading spree that wreaked havoc and gave America's stock markets yet another black eye. Meanwhile, Olympic fever momentarily broke with news that eight badminton players had been disqualified for intentionally losing their matches. All across America, sports fans reacted with disbelief, amazed that badminton is actually an Olympic sport. Lastly, we mourned the passing of a legendary writer and provocateur. RIP Gore Vidal.
Millions in the world are watching the Olympics. We are rooting for our home teams and rejoice in the heroics of the athletes. How about you? Do we embody Olympic values in our lives?
Yang Yu and Xiaoli Wang of China return a shot against Canada's Michele Li and Alex Bruce during women's doubles badminton
"The pairs have been charged ... with 'not using one's best efforts to win a match' and 'conducting oneself in a manner that
Still, reviews of Medvedev's athletic prowess has thus far been mixed. "For an almost 60-year-old Putin's not bad," David
It turns out being stuck in the city for Labor Day weekend isn't so bad after all. I started Saturday evening at the West Village outpost of Flex Mussels, a mini-chain from Canada's Prince Edward Island.
The policy was condemned from Sweden to Malaysia, with multiple leagues in Muslim countries rejecting the rule outright. "It
In a couple of weeks, women badminton players will have to wear skirts "to ensure the attractive presentation of badminton." Shorts, tights or tracksuit bottoms may still be worn, as long as they're underneath the skirt.
In short: Rangsikitpho says he is not being sexist; he just wants the women to look good. Badminton World Federation Deputy
"I have no idea what they might have thought they were accomplishing except: let's just show more pretty girls," said Carole
Hardcore is not a phrase one usually associates with badminton. These two teams would beg to differ. This is definitely the
The best thing about this is that the producers just let her ramble on and on as she loses her grip on reality. This is a