I don't see why I should get applause for attaching a label of "supporter" to myself. Nobody gets any applause or cheers for living in a black body -- often times they get violence instead. So why am I always getting all the credit, just for showing up?
"On fleek"? These professors can't even, but they do feel bad for everyone being on top of someone named "Fleek." Lehigh
Are the words "basic," "on fleek" and "ya$$$" part of your daily vocabulary? If so, the cast of "Insurgent" probably has
To put it a different way: "Dang these kids today." Anyway, as usual the comments from people proposing words for the banished list were pretty amusing at times.
If you had plans to spend next year calling your boo bae, describing the chilly weather as a polar vortex or talking up your
3. I Literally Can't: phrase Definition: 1. When something is so amazing, you just can't handle it. Used in a sentence: "I
Between "basic b-tch" and "normcore" and "can't even," keeping track of the words the kids are using can be hard. This video
Ex. “MTFBWY on your date tonight.” Ex. “RT @personwhotweeted: I love acronyms!” IANAD: I Am Not A Doctor. It's almost like
We get that you're probably saying "blessed" or "hashtag blessed" ironically, but you're still saying it. Keep that nonsense
From the top students down to the novices, they moved with stylistic unity, confidence and clarity.
The Department of Defense stated that it would be conducting an evaluation and study of a program designed to increase subcontracting opportunities available to small businesses.
A dozen or more workers at Prince Bandar's heavenly Hala Ranch were given the heave-ho without explanation last week.
Participants of the program include BAE Systems, GE Aviation, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Harris Corporation and seven
Long a priority of the FBI and the Justice Department, efforts to police corrupt business payments have intensified in recent
Some of the firms that received federal small business contracts included Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon
To date, the Obama Administration has not adopted any policies or legislation to honor that campaign promise. On Friday, October
Lavish gifts, briefcases full of cash, greased palms. Recently, several large, multinational corporations have been accused
Attorney General Eric Holder is leading the Obama Administration's opposition to the release of Stamler's e-mails and phone
The United Kingdom's highest court today provided new details of how the Saudis pressured British Prime Minister Tony Blair's