Close to 200 brick structures were damaged by a powerful earthquake on Wednesday.
After a long, bumpy, semi freezing, ten hour overnight bus ride with JJ Express, we finally arrived in Bagan around 5am (it was still pitch black outside). Luckily, neither of us needed to hug the porcelain god along the way, which is always a positive, especially given there wasn't a bathroom on board.
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The subterfuges of the military, religious "leaders," and others seeking to influence the election, stand in stark contrast to Zaw's story. His efforts recount a simple tale of a fight for environmental justice against exploitation, with the goal of protecting a national treasure -- the Irrawaddy River.
In complete silence, we watched the sun set over a few dozen of the 2,200 temples built in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries by the kings of Bagan -- before the Mongols and earthquakes destroyed many of them. Later we went to dinner in one of the dirt-floor restaurants in this one-street sleepy town.
(Inle Lake) (Inle Lake) (Kengtung) This lead to a trip to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, which I was lucky enough to travel
Photograph by Stephen Wallace Special thanks to MM (Mya Min Din) at Santa Maria Travels and Tours of Yangon. Photograph by
We wanted to take the best photograph ever taken in Myanmar. My guide, MM, and I were tired of the same stale images being photographed of his country over and over. We felt we could do something better and if not better at least more original. Of course we are as guilty as all the other photographers that took the same tried and true photographs, great images initially but ones that were starting to bore us.
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Serving as the Event Director for over a decade of the annual world travel championship, the around the world travel adventure competition known as The Global Scavenger Hunt, I am regularly asked what my favorite spot in the world is?
Budget travel in Southeast Asia is some of the most luxurious out there, which means just a little bit of money gets you very far on the road to awesome.
The world is filled with must-see destinations we are told we need to tick off our ever-growing bucket lists. Behind these well-traveled hotspots are smaller, lesser-known attractions that are definitely worth your time.
Where else in the world will you feel like you're in Legends of the Hidden Temple?
From the freedom of wide open spaces to glittering of big city lights, our world is filled with thousands of breathtaking panoramas just waiting to be enjoyed.
Don't be surprised if monks and nuns share the same status as rock-stars and celebrities -- it is truly unlike any place you know!
I left Myanmar will a camera full of images from the golden hued temples of Bagan, the tranquil floating villages of Inle Lake and the expansive Irrawaddy River. However, what is etched in my memory is Myanmar's people.
in Myanmar, villagers never ask for money to have their picture taken. This is especially noteworthy because the country is terribly poor.