Ladies, we all know how overwhelming it can be to pack for a vacation, let alone a lengthy backpacking adventure halfway across the globe. It always begins the same way: an empty suitcase or backpack and a closet bulging with treasures of lace, silk and cotton.
But the laptop! Oh my!   The silver matte cover and black textured interior are easy on the eyes as is the beveled sides
As a therapist, I ask people to show me their bag. We help to root around in it to rearrange their probably too big bag to make sure they have what they need. Sometimes, we even carry their bag for them at our own peril -- oh my aching back!
British Airways shouldn’t have charged Jim Arnold and his wife $400 for their checked bags. After all, the couple were flying
Luxury-minded travelers will already know the Rimowa name; easily identified by its "grooved" outer housing, the company is one of the most reputable luggage manufacturers on the market. But unlike it's competitors, this is one old kid (est. 1937) on the block embracing all things new.
To start? The first reason is because, even when we're super unhappy, feeling stuck still feels like a safer bet than making
I present to you two different scenarios, and invite you to figure out which one is true. Just as we were getting down to
Let's have a go, shall we? With history, the past is...history. It's the past and we use it to be even better in our present
A simple equation can help you become a light packer. Learn it then apply it to every item you are considering packing, every time you pack. Item Value > Space Required + Additional Weight
So how can we, the parents, help our kids navigate this crazy arms race of elite college admissions without feeding the beast? While we may be powerless to change the system, what steps can we take to make the best of a difficult situation, for our kids, our families, and our communities?
Over the course of a year, it is estimated that 19 million Americans will re-locate themselves to a new residence. For the second time in a year, my family has joined that club as we are in the midst of the ever-exhausting process of packing up our life that we have created and hauling it across town.
Last week, the International Air Transport Association ruined every maximalist packer's day by recommending new, smaller carry-on sizes -- the idea being to maximize overhead space, so that every passenger has room to store a bag.
Does checking a bag early mean it will be last off the plane? Does checking a bag at the last minute mean it will be first to the carousel?
There's no right or wrong bag, but certain types of bags definitely prove useful. And that's because there's all different sorts of travel functions they service. Making sure you've got several different types of bags on hand will pretty much ensure you'll be covered in any situation.
We paid for our bag as we were boarding the plane (if we could do this, why couldn't we have just paid at the Air France counter?) and noticed that half of the overhead bins were empty.
I am not one to travel lightly; I am a writer whose only cargo are my stories. I carry words with me, undoubtedly.
Suitcases don't have this flexibility; a lot of the times I even just end up standing awkwardly on the escalator to the baggage claim because I can't be bothered to pick it up by the handle and haul it down the stairs. Stairs are not a suitcase's best friend.
Check out Bluesmart's promo video, above. The estimated retail price on a Bluesmart suitcase will be $450 or higher. Contributing
Though there aren't any hardcore stats on the percentage of the population that opt for black suitcases, it's not hard to observe at any baggage claim to testify to how popular they are. But seriously, this is not a little black dress you're buying.