baggy pants

A community in Alabama is on the verge of banning saggy pants -- and one lawmaker said it's because God doesn't like the look.
You look down at what you decided to wear and realize you didn't even check a mirror before you walked out the door... Take
Terrebone Council Vice Chairman Russell Hornsby advised that the council check up on the saggy pants ban in a year to see
The American Civil Liberties Union pushed back, arguing that such a law would have a disproportionate racial impact, specifically
In 2008, a Florida judge ruled that a Riviera Beach, Fla., city ban on saggy pants, the violation of which resulted in one
Making people pay for their distasteful sartorial choices? that's one way for a town to generate income. Albany, Ga., for
Armstrong was traveling from Oakland, Calif., to Burbank, Calif., when the incident occurred. About it, he tweeted: Just
On Wednesday, the charges against Marman, which included battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and trespassing, were
Despite the fact that laws banning baggy pants have been ruled unconstitutional by judges across the country, Collinsville
In Memphis, Tenn., middle school principal Bobby White has introduced a comical policy to keep students from wearing baggy
"Frankly, government shouldn't be telling us how to dress," American Civil Liberties Union spokesman Edwin Yohnka told CBS
From the high-fashion runways to the streets of New York -- they're baaack! Two decades after their heyday, the baggy, parachute
A Florida judge has deemed unconstitutional a law banning baggy pants that show off the wearer's underwear, local media reported
The sagging pants law has been the butt (pardon the pun) of jokes, and much ribald fun poking. But stereotypes and bad social policy are no laughing matter.