baggy pants

A community in Alabama is on the verge of banning saggy pants -- and one lawmaker said it's because God doesn't like the look.
We know you love sports, but let's keep those jerseys and team shirts where they belong -- at the game. And, just like we
This isn't the first time U.S. governments have had their hands down citizens' pants. The style's been banned in Chicago
A group of Chicago aldermen are calling on Chicago Public Schools to mandate uniforms in an effort to stop students from
In addition to suburban Lynwood and Sauk Village, Evanston has also considered outlawing the wearing of saggy pants to the
Making people pay for their distasteful sartorial choices? that's one way for a town to generate income. Albany, Ga., for
Cindy Qiu, an associate producer at ABC 7 in Oakland who was on the flight, told the news agency that when a flight attendant
Holding a sign reading, "U.S. Airways must be sentenced repentance," Rev. Renard Allen of San Francisco's Third Baptist Church