The incident took place during Ashoura commemorations, when hundreds of thousands of people converge on the city of Karbala.
Fifteen years after the American invasion promised to unleash Iraqi Kurdistan's oil sector, ordinary Kurds are left with an economic nightmare.
The outcome of the referendum is certain, but what happens next is dangerously unknown.
Fourteen unarmed Iraqi civilians were killed at a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007.
The overwhelming majority of Kurds want independence.
The attackers struck during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan when many people stay up past midnight and eat out to prepare for the next day’s fast.
This guest post is by LA-based Ayser Salman, Iraqi American author of the upcoming book: "The Wrong End of the Table: An
The Trump Administration would likely want to try again to foster political reconciliation.
Blasts at two marketplaces left many dead and wounded.
The bombings add to a deadly day in Iraq after dozens were killed in Baghdad.