The scary-looking jet-black Brennivín label depicts Iceland's coastline, as if it were a tipple just for fishermen. In fact
Six years on, Chang sees the role of the Cocktail Feast, which takes place this Friday (Sept. 16) at the Bowery Hotel, as helping to nurture the burgeoning movement. "Asian flavors have progressively made their way into our cocktail world," she says.
Soju is a clear alcohol, ranging in ABV from 16.7-45%. It's usually made from rice, wheat, or barley, though sometimes it's
Food safety is a chronic problem in China.
I'm excited to eat delicious food and drink delicious cocktails to delicious excess.
Sensing a business opportunity -- due to growing curiosity over Chinese culture and the increasing number of Chinese visitors
Feitian Moutai Baijiiu By Justine Sterling for Food & Wine What It Is: Though you've almost certainly never had it, baijiu
Baijiu expert Sandhaus thinks the best avenue for developing drinkers overseas is to follow the model of Japanese sake and