Vilifying opposition to pretrial detention is part of the president’s reelection strategy of scaring white suburban voters into supporting him.
Abuse victims will tell a judge Tuesday that Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's associate, should be denied bail on multiple charges, prosecutors say.
District attorneys are charging grocery theft as looting and arguing for higher bail in cases that are supposed to have $0 bail amid the pandemic.
California and LA County lowered bail to $0 for several offenses to keep people out of jail during the pandemic. But internal emails show prosecutors discussing ways to apply the old bail amount in certain cases.
University of Florida senior Ian Milaski, accused of battery and false imprisonment, was released on his own recognizance to await trial.
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church partnered with the rapper and the TV personality to raise enough money to bail out 23 nonviolent offenders.
Judge Sarah Backus said prosecutors failed to show the defendants were a threat to society if released on bail.
Danueal Drayton, who was allowed to walk out of jail earlier this month, has reportedly confessed to killing as many as seven people.
The special counsel has asked for a judge to rescind or revise the former campaign chairman's pretrial release.
He submitted "doctored profit statements" for mortgage to secure bail, say prosecutors.