bail reform

The notorious prison could close its doors forever by 2026 -- if everything goes to plan.
The NFL team's players raised money that was matched by the Eagles Social Justice Fund over Thanksgiving.
Reform groups argue the bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown won't do enough to shift the criminal justice status quo.
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is one of the biggest donors to Civil Rights Corps, a startup nonprofit that could help take down the bail bonds industry.
The criminal justice system is locking people up because they're poor. A Texas judge says that's just business.
Will an upcoming ballot initiative in New Mexico actually keep people from being jailed just because they’re poor?
"You never know how a person would feel when being locked up."
The department on Friday denounced bail practices that result in "unnecessary incarceration."
When freedom is only available to those who can afford it, many end up paying with their lives.