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Many of the whales that are dying off the California coast appear significantly underweight, researchers warn.
"They're not the man-eating monsters they're made out to be," the kayaker says.
The encounter left two men bloodied -- but not because of the shark.
The likely culprit is a toxic algal bloom, fueled by warmer ocean temperatures.
What the future could be with a frictionless border.
But the striking resemblance isn't the only reason for the name.
Stretches of dry desert, tantalizingly golden yet intimidatingly rugged, carpet the mostly untrammeled land between the Los Cabos International Airport and Los Cabos itself, the two-city destination that has long been considered by the not-so well-traveled lot the height of exoticism.
It was a great trip, a perfect blend of excitement and serenity, activity and relaxation, and great scenery, company and
Stay BC Bistro and Cava. Carretera Tijuana-Ensenada Km.103 #3421, Zona Playitas, 22860 Ensenada | 52-646/175-0000 So began
I couldn't stop. The tears were streaming down my face, I couldn't breathe. I was stuck. Literally stuck. Was this a panic attack? Panic attack? I don't have panic attacks!
It's been more than half a century since I was a student at Los Angeles City College and lived in the Echo Park and Silver Lake area. I wouldn't have thought about it further, except for a great universal fart that occurred, tearing me loose from my moorings. Something was missing.
Blanca, the second hurricane to form off Mexico's Pacific coast this year, was about 465 miles (750 km) south of the major
An all-inclusive with two kids clubs for kids aged 4 to 12? It's a dream come true!
Within Baja California's largest city of Tijuana, which similar to San Diego has a population of over 1.3 million people, exists a dry concrete riverbed that once held the flowing waters of the Tijuana River.
This is the classic story of how not finishing first -- or second, or third -- or not even technically completing a racing event can still represent a triumph and be a touching story of true grit, determination and, above all, of selfless devotion to a cause.