baja california

Many of the whales that are dying off the California coast appear significantly underweight, researchers warn.
"They're not the man-eating monsters they're made out to be," the kayaker says.
The encounter left two men bloodied -- but not because of the shark.
The likely culprit is a toxic algal bloom, fueled by warmer ocean temperatures.
What the future could be with a frictionless border.
But the striking resemblance isn't the only reason for the name.
Stretches of dry desert, tantalizingly golden yet intimidatingly rugged, carpet the mostly untrammeled land between the Los Cabos International Airport and Los Cabos itself, the two-city destination that has long been considered by the not-so well-traveled lot the height of exoticism.
The rest of the trip was as idyllic as our campsites. After the first two days, the weather calmed down and we were able
Villa Ortegas. Barracuda 77, Puerto Nuevo | 52-661/614-0706 * * * * * It's not at all how we imagined this part of Mexico