Cities, towns and counties across the United States are struggling to deal with the financial costs of a drug addiction epidemic that killed 33,000 people in 2015 alone.
There's a reason the far right has attacked Heyer's memory so viciously.
The singer, dancer, and activist is remembered across the internet.
A pseudo-religious philosophy promises North Koreans a kind of immortality through their dedication to the state.
High Point officially ushered in Spring, inspiring buyers with tempting new product introductions. Nature was everywhere, noticeably in the form of greens and agates. Let's take a look at five trends that dominated the recent spring market.
Flour? Check. Water? Check. Glasses? Hmm, check.
For years I'd written off my conservative sisters and brothers in Christ until I spent time with them and saw the humans behind the labels. It led me to empathize with them as people even if I didn't agree with them on issues.
With all the political frenzy about both religious freedom and discrimination, the pundits always seem to come back to the same classic case: a baker contemplating whether to bake a cake for a gay wedding.
A vibrant Main Street helps make the local economy more resilient and boosts real estate prices. Plus, buying locally means less shipping and a smaller carbon footprint.
Struggles can be transformed into something positive with the right perspective. And that was certainly the case for Kimberly