Balanced budget amendment

The best word to describe Goodlatte's present plea for progress is hypocrisy. Second place in the apt-word contest might
Both major political parties in America are shepherding crafty plans to benefit their side at the expense of the other. What neither side sees is that in trying to kill off the other, their protracted and intense internecine warfare is moving the country away from the shared public good.
The Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, one of the groups involved in the latest push, is organizing a national lobbying
A balanced federal budget isn't a pipedream or some crazy economic theory that will never come to pass. Our home states of Ohio and Minnesota balance their budgets thanks to constitutional requirements, as does nearly every other state in the nation.
"That's what happens when you speak too long on the floor," Coburn cracked -- an obvious reference to Cruz's 21-hour speech
No one argues that the government shouldn't be more prudent with its money, but a balanced budget amendment does almost nothing to address the underlying problems that lead to wasteful spending.
The media consensus is that the Republican Party is the loser, and that Republicans must ultimately come crawling back to the president and the Democrats, take their medicine, and forsake their goals. But Ted Cruz does not have to play it that way.
“Most of the energy on Article V is on the right side of the aisle -- people who want to shut down the Obama administration
"Our founders really, truly believed -- and if you read Hamilton and Madison in the Federalist Papers the intent was clear
The Louisiana governor, considered a possible 2016 presidential contender, has embarked on a campaign to rebrand himself
"I will put North Dakota's priorities first, and that means standing up for our farmers and ranchers and standing against
Congress is required to vote on -- but not necessarily pass -- some kind of Balanced Budget Amendment this year as part of
Boehner also fired a political shot at President Barack Obama, whose recent mantra has been that Congress must pass his jobs
A balanced budget amendment wouldn't align federal budgeting practices with those of families, but it would threaten serious economic harm and create a host of problems for federal services programs.
Spending and debt remain intrinsic features of a capitalist economy. The key question is, which sector is best positioned to service the debt: families and businesses, or the government?
Two years ago, a concerted effort by a corporate-funded Tea Party movement to get conservatives out to town hall meetings
One week after the downgrade of the United States bond rating, the markets have returned a verdict of sorts.
"Just 25 days ago, Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe told us she would vote for a debt plan with a balanced budget amendment
Some House and Senate Republicans have pushed hard to include a “balanced budget” constitutional amendment as part of any