Balanced budget amendment

Look who suddenly cares about budget deficits!
The people are so far from understanding who really serves them, and who exploits them, that one fears that the day might
Both major political parties in America are shepherding crafty plans to benefit their side at the expense of the other. What neither side sees is that in trying to kill off the other, their protracted and intense internecine warfare is moving the country away from the shared public good.
The Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, one of the groups involved in the latest push, is organizing a national lobbying
A balanced federal budget isn't a pipedream or some crazy economic theory that will never come to pass. Our home states of Ohio and Minnesota balance their budgets thanks to constitutional requirements, as does nearly every other state in the nation.
"I don't have any set plans whatsoever," he said. Under Article V of the Constitution, if two-thirds of state legislatures
No one argues that the government shouldn't be more prudent with its money, but a balanced budget amendment does almost nothing to address the underlying problems that lead to wasteful spending.
The media consensus is that the Republican Party is the loser, and that Republicans must ultimately come crawling back to the president and the Democrats, take their medicine, and forsake their goals. But Ted Cruz does not have to play it that way.
Conservative politicians and groups are largely behind a renewed push to have the states call a constitutional convention
Biddulph said that his group will continue to press ahead on its plan. An Article V convention has never been called, even