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Scientists show that certain enzyme-inhibiting drugs can bring rapid regrowth of hair.
Abnormalities in chromosome 20 have been linked to serious diseases, such as blood cancers. But in 2008, researchers found
Hats off to researchers in California. They've taken what appears to be a big step toward the development of a cure for hair
No, I'm not a member of the Hair Club for Men. I'm not talking about grafting my neck hair onto my dome, and I'm not talking about a toupee or hair plugs. I'm talking about the skin on my head actually regrowing hair.
Since we are now only a few weeks away from the beginning of the 2016 election season, a refresher as to what to expect during the next four years is in order, and that explanation may help explain how it was that three weeks before the election there were still undecided voters.
To understand male-pattern hair loss, properly known as androgenic alopecia, one must understand the life cycle of a normal scalp full of hair.
But don't toss out your Rogaine yet. As noted, "these findings do not show whether the number of human hair
However, Sy Sperling, who you might know from the Hair Club For Men, told the cameras, "When there's a real solution for
Eryn Green writes this week at Esquire about research regarding stem cells and male pattern baldness, pointing to a recent
"Bald is hot," an article in the New York Times recently announced. We bald guys hear this kind of hype all the time, "Bald is cool, bald is beautiful" -- but only from people who are not bald.