"It’s scary. It’s beautiful. It’s filled with anxiety and fear and calm and peace. I vacillate between wanting to just get home and wanting to just stay put."
Andrei Zhestkov, 27, told authorities he'd intended on keeping the two-year-old animal as a pet.
Officials from the Indonesian island are seeking to curtail rude behavior near ancient sacred sites.
The powerful quake triggered panic among tourists and residents, and was also felt on the neighboring island of Bali.
A diver’s video of a swim off the coast of Bali is exposing the shocking epidemic of ocean pollution in Indonesia and around the world.
It's a devastating sight, but it's not uncommon.
Indonesian authorities ask about 100,000 more people to take shelter. Some are reluctant to leave their homes.
Bali’s Mount Agung is erupting for the first time in over 50 years. Last time, the volcano killed 1,500 people.
Some 24,000 people were evacuated to temporary shelters over the weekend.
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