ballerina misty copeland

The dancer just returned from Kigali, Rwanda, where shared her love of dance with children in the city.
Misty interpreted that encounter with so much power and grace that all I could think of for weeks afterwards was a flawless artist dancing effortlessly in this rare setting. I just couldn't find the music to reflect her beauty and make the video come alive.
I've always talked about getting out of my comfort zone as an artist. Well, this is as outside of my comfort zone as I've ever been. For the first time, I'll be singing and speaking on the stage, as well as dancing. And I've only had two weeks to prepare my lines, take vocal lessons, and learn new choreography.
Misty Copeland, one of the first African-American women soloists in the American Ballet Theatre, is heading to HuffPost Live. She'll discuss her new children's book "Firebird," her amazing Under Armour commercial and her upcoming biopic.
Definitely an improvement from Free People RT @diydancer @UnderArmour recruits @mistyonpointe for new ad campaign:
I just fell in love with ballerina Misty Copeland. And Under Armour.
However, my dreams of becoming a prima ballerina ended when my body decided to change into what would serve me better for