In some instances, GOP observers objected to every single ballot pulled to count, officials complained.
The ballots for Joe Biden could actually be "tortillas," McKinnon's Rudy suggested on "SNL's" "Weekend Update."
The president denied the reports, but said it is a "terrible thing" to allow states to "tabulate ballots for a long period."
The Florida mom filled out her ballot in her car while doing some controlled Lamaze breathing,
More than half of states allow a third party to collect ballots in a practice known as "ballot harvesting."
The state's voters will mark paper ballots because as Secretary of State Bill Gardner is fond of saying, “You can’t hack a pencil.”
Texas resident Crystal Mason was sentenced to five years in prison for voting illegally in the 2016 presidential election. Her ballot was never counted.
"You can’t use Google to figure out which candidates on your local ballot think that the earth is flat and climate change is a hoax?"
The state would be just the third where felons in jail could cast a ballot.
South Dakotans will vote on three initiatives that, if taken together, could change the face of state politics. The city