Ballot box

“It must be Opposite Day,” one critic on Twitter fired back at the RNC.
“This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” Joe Biden said about the law that Georgia's governor signed on Thursday.
From the bus to the ballot box, Black women have been at the forefront of almost every progressive social movement in the United States.
Election officials said about 122 ballots were inside the drop box that was set on fire early Sunday morning. Some 87 are still legible.
Both presidential candidates have built massive legal operations readying for a bitterly disputed race that may land at the Supreme Court.
We hear so much these day about banks and companies that have become so large they are unable to manage themselves -- that there are so many layers of bureaucracy that illegal and unethical behavior can go undetected for years.
I would like to suggest, to the contrary, that people should be talking about them. No two subjects are more important for
Yun said her mother-in-law got up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready. She showered, got dressed and put on her makeup. "Who gets up
Will this win for the President change the trajectory of the election? YES. Not just because it appears to have swayed some of the ubiquitous Undecideds, but because, at this point, we're now done pandering to them.
Watch: "She has stated herself in such immoderate terms that she has made her candidacy almost a caricature," said Westmoreland