Trump's advisers warn that Giuliani is giving the president “unwarranted optimism” about his chances of overturning the election results.
The ballots for Joe Biden could actually be "tortillas," McKinnon's Rudy suggested on "SNL's" "Weekend Update."
Instead of doomscrolling through election updates, there's something oddly soothing about watching democracy in action.
“What we're hearing from Donald Trump is an attempt to suppress the vote.” HuffPost spoke to an expert who dispelled the president’s claims that voter fraud is a massive problem in the U.S.
The arrests of 12 school board officials and their political allies in Quitman, Ga., became a poster-child case among conservatives that voter fraud was a serious threat.
Voting hasn’t been going smoothly for many people across the country.
The GOP-backed law prohibits advocacy groups from collecting ballots from voters and delivering them to election offices.
Colorado's top election official, Secretary of State Wayne Williams, who's a Republican, has essentially concurred, telling The Denver Post that voter fraud is a non-issue in Colorado.
But no matter how many times you write "Batman," he isn't getting elected.
By Adrienne LaFrance Voter turnout in the United States is abysmal, far worse than it is in most other developed countries
"You've got to get every one of your friends. You've got to get every one of your family. You've got to get everybody to
Try to cast a regular ballot, rather than a provisional one, when voting this fall.
If Coffman truly believes that Spanish-language ballots should be provided to those voters who need them, he'd support the requirement to do so in the Voting Rights Act, despite the cost.
The last thing any race needs is major confusion amongst the voters and poll workers about a second ballot.
Yes, there are certainly some smart people who accept their party's faults and work within them to make changes... and then there are the slimeballs who we see on TV every day. It seems like most millennials would prefer to run the other way from the rats.
Full Segment: A lawsuit presents a difficult question of how exactly we define the guarantee of one person one vote. The answer could fundamentally change our republic.