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The world of "bucking" is explored in a new doc, "When The Beat Drops."
It's been 25 years since the Gay Men's Health Crisis created the annual Latex Ball in 1990 in response to the HIV and AIDS
I have a lower resting heart rate, better endurance and more flexibility. My balance is improved as has my overall feeling of wellbeing. There is a way that learning something entirely new spills over and has me energized and excited about other parts of my life.
What drives them, these ballroom babies with the swiveling hips, sequins and spray tans, who sacrifice family, friends, even country in the quest for fame?
We won't have White's world to drop in on every Monday night forever. So once again, I'm alerting you to this priceless opportunity to see one of the most gracious, gregarious and graceful role models we -- and our kids -- have had in ages.
What planet is this kid from? "We just dance. He... is doing something else," Baryshnikov explained. Okay, there's the face
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When I started to hear rumblings of a new music genre called "ballroom," I got really excited. No matter whom I talked to about the subject, one name came up over and over: DJ MikeQ.
Joshua Allen was the rightful winner this season. He has everything: creativity, understated charisma, an endearing personality... I really don't know if there's been a winner I've felt is so deserving.
The problem was not with Adam Carolla's dancing, but with the fact that many people dislike his outspoken personality, and his badmouthing the judge for giving him low marks.