baltimore museum of art

But how often does this really happen? If the long-running success of the television program Antiques Roadshow is any sort
“This show is about American history repeating itself over and over again.”
altimore makes for an easy adventure for those in the mid-Atlantic region, Philly or even as far afield as New York. There is much to be explored and enjoyed in Baltimore, and it is easy to find yourself charmed by this veritable Charm City.
Go big or go home seems to be the motto in museums today. Since the dawn of the blockbuster exhibitions of the 1980s museums have been actively competing for your entertainment dollars.
The distinctive finial on Gillinder & Sons' ungainly covered compote makes the design easy to spot in any crowded museum display case or, if you're lucky, in an antique shop.
But now it appears that trip may be delayed: a recent investigation indicates the painting was stolen. A report published