baltimore protests

Baltimore photographer Devin Allen wants to be remembered for much more than his iconic shot of the protests following the 2015 death of Freddie Gray. He’s on a mission to show the world the beauty of Baltimore through his lens while inspiring the next generation of photographers in his city.
22-year-old Gregory Butler Jr. was also sentenced to 250 hours of community service.
That we continue to exonerate people who are killing others makes my head spin. However, the reality is, we should all (and by "all," I mean all white people) be held accountable for the police shootings that have occurred. We. Are. Guilty. How?
During the Baltimore riots last year, several black men bravely formed a barrier to protect the police.
While Baltimore waits for officers to stand trial in the Gray case, Allen Bullock is behind bars for damaging two police cars.
In the months following the unrest, homicides and shootings increased while arrests plummeted. The year ended with 344 homicides, the highest per capita rate in the city's history. The majority of the victims were young black men. Has anything changed ?