At this school, all of the buildings are made from natural materials, including a sports hall made of bamboo.
Back in the day, getting the right color was much, much more complicated. As an interesting coincidence, there are two museum exhibitions in Southern California right now that tell the intricate and fascinating stories of how these two colors, red and blue, evolved from being rare and precious materials to commonplace.
So how do these furry bamboo gluttons get by? Everyone knows pandas love bamboo: they can eat more than 80 pounds of it every
"If you know how to build it, you know how to fix it," says Marcela, who runs day-to-day operations and, as she puts it, keeps
It is time for an excursion to the country. On the main street of a tea village called Meijiawu, there are no English words on the signs. I am beginning to breathe. The air smells cleaner. Maybe it is all the Longjing tea leaves.
In a time of new materials, a very old one is sneaking into our lives. You may have noticed that bamboo is making an appearance everywhere. There are bamboo floors, cutting boards and walking sticks.
Before he takes us on a tour of the green maze he brings us into his library, amid marble statues and fragile artworks, as
Creating positive social change has been a deep seeded desire from my earliest memories and is part of who I am. Although a firm believer in capitalism, it is my heart for people that drives me and has been at the core of my entrepreneurial career since leaving home at 17, with nothing but $300 and a dream.
Thanksgiving is upon us, and as you contemplate what you are thankful for, don’t forget your thanks for Mother Nature. After
Take in the beauty of Sharma Springs in the slideshow below and head over to Green Village for more details. Do you have