At this school, all of the buildings are made from natural materials, including a sports hall made of bamboo.
Back in the day, getting the right color was much, much more complicated. As an interesting coincidence, there are two museum exhibitions in Southern California right now that tell the intricate and fascinating stories of how these two colors, red and blue, evolved from being rare and precious materials to commonplace.
Researchers from China and Scotland measured the amount of energy expended by five captive and three wild pandas. They discovered
Stemming from the Mapuche Indian language, the word Awka is rooted in the idea of rebellion. As such, the spirit of defying
It is time for an excursion to the country. On the main street of a tea village called Meijiawu, there are no English words on the signs. I am beginning to breathe. The air smells cleaner. Maybe it is all the Longjing tea leaves.
In a time of new materials, a very old one is sneaking into our lives. You may have noticed that bamboo is making an appearance everywhere. There are bamboo floors, cutting boards and walking sticks.
Franco Maria Ricci in his library (photo: Andrea Bertolotti) This post originally appeared on HuffPost Italy and was translated
Creating positive social change has been a deep seeded desire from my earliest memories and is part of who I am. Although a firm believer in capitalism, it is my heart for people that drives me and has been at the core of my entrepreneurial career since leaving home at 17, with nothing but $300 and a dream.
Thanksgiving is upon us, and as you contemplate what you are thankful for, don’t forget your thanks for Mother Nature. After
Now we've seen treehouses before. But Sharma Springs, as the building is called, gets extra awesome points for being completely
Surf-vival 30+ Mineral Sunscreen -- Smart Girls Who Surf Unfortunately, recent studies are showing that standard sunscreens
Sometimes there's just no need to re-invent something that's worked just fine for centuries.
Whether you prefer your beverages hot or cold, there's no need to ever again slink out of the coffee shop feeling guilty. These reusable drink containers -- all BPA-free -- will keep you from wasting cups and bottles.
- Replace choreographer Yuen Woo Ping's work with the choreographers behind this. - Have McGruff the crime-fighting dog solve
After the prayers, rice was thrown all around and the white strings decorating the marigold centerpiece were taken by the villagers and put on my wrists.
Over the past few years I've filmed a Lego-style transforming flat, a unit with a walk-thru shower and fridge-in-a-drawer and a small space where the architect cut a hole in the roof to create an indoor/outdoor shower.
Wise actions flow naturally from the right principles. When respect directs our daily choices, all our interactions are in harmony with our greater good. Respect for ourselves, one another, and for life itself should be at our core lighting the path for us.
But these bamboo bikes are no joke. They were built in the engineering labs of Oxford Brookes using computer-aided design
Mike Starn at the 54th Venice Biennale, Photo K Lala Starn said he thought it might rise another twenty five feet before