banana recipes

That afternoon she made a smoothie with frozen banana, fresh ginger, spinach, pineapple, hemp seeds and chia seeds. I took a sip. My brain demanded more, right away.
I was reminded about how versatile a product a rotten banana is the other week when I was in the Florida Keys and ordered a banana-orange-mango smoothie at a local health food store. The woman took a bag of frozen banana pieces out of the freezer and used them instead of ice. Of course! That just got me thinking of all the ways we can use our old bananas instead of throwing them out.
This dessert takes no time at all to prep, but it looks REAL fancy.
A few days later, I still had some old bananas lying around and was craving some coconut. It was a Sunday spring morning, and before I headed out to clean my garage, I made this with no fuss and no muss.
With a mild yet distinctive banana flavor, tender crumb and deliciously crisp crust, this is my go-to banana bread recipe. It's phenomenal right out of the oven, and delicious all over again when you toast it for breakfast the next day.
It's just as good at breakfast as with an afternoon coffee or tea, or for dessert, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce.
The best way to celebrate Banana Lover's Day.
By the end of this, you'll forget all about chocolate.
This fruit has skills when it comes to dessert.
Simple, but perfectly comforting.
You meant well when you bought a bunch of firm, green bananas. You really did.
Now, we're not trying to get you to eat ice cream for breakfast, this banana split recipe is tweaked to make it AM appropriate
If you are making a New Year's resolution to eat a bit healthier in 2012, you can rest assured knowing that the one area