"We've been incredibly lucky this whole time," added Kyle Breese, who plays drums, banjo, and harmonica for Roanoke, a band
As cities launch aggressive climate action initiatives, including the Compact of Mayors' agreement, how are artists playing a key role in re-envisioning urban planning with new stories and narratives, bringing together diverse communities for lively conversations, and galvanizing local action?
The cleanly sung vocal line of edgily-written lyrics aren't the only surprising blend that works in the band. This band is
It's the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to be the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots, the legendary, award-winning
The map on the wall is punctuated with round red pins that look like Rudolph's reindeer nose. Each one of them, Ben Taylor explains, marks the spot where Beecher's Fault, the band he leads with Ken Lamken, has played.
The band, which formed in the belly of the beast as Scott, Dunlap and Markovina did time in federal prison, has recently
JL: Do you remember the first concert you saw that made you think: I want to do that! CV: I don't lump blues and rock into
Kyle Marshall is still new at this father stuff, and he wants to make sure he's doing a good job.
Exactly five years ago this month, at the peak of their career Long Island alternative rockers As Tall As Lions played their final shows in the U.S. at Highline Ballroom.
Craving new music? Check out The Kickback, an American indie rock band from South Dakota.
Ever wonder about the mysterious world your brain travels to when you start to daydream without notice, or when you experience that dreamlike, transcendental state that briefly occurs before you jolt up in a slightly confused haze?
Tim Currie is a devoted family man, just like the two generations that came before him. He is the proud owner of Currie's
Age is nothing but a number for these 80+ pop idols.
Don't be mistaken -- Highly Suspect is definitely not your average "boy band." So exactly what is it about this trio that makes them so special? Well, aside from their striking good looks... just about everything.
Meet The Vanity, a band that recently broke into Austin's competitive music scene and is tearing it up with their raw talent.
Scale the Summit, an American instrumental and progressive rock band based out of Houston, isn't your average cup o' joe.