Banff National Park

Banff won praise from animal welfare advocates for ditching loud fireworks.
Authorities airlifted them into a remote valley in Banff National Park.
Should your travels through British Columbia take you north, stop off in the charming town of Terrace. It's the perfect stop
While in Banff, we of course went on the recommended drives around the region boasting stunning vistas, frozen lakes, spectacular
As a fan of both Banff Squirrel and the Banff/Lake Louise area, I contacted the Squirrel to see if he'd be willing to take time out of his busy schedule (winter is coming, you know, and there are nuts to be hoarded) to do a Q&A with me. Much to my delight, he agreed.
One of the busiest Canadian roadways slices through Canada's Banff National Park, creating a lethal corridor for wildlife. In the 1970s, animals died so frequently here that people called the highway the "meat maker."
Summer is a swell season, but throwing on a cozy sweater, pouring some hot cocoa in a travel mug and meandering along a woodland trail lined with trees changing hues isn't so bad either. Hello, Fall. To make the transition easier, park yourself at a property where plenty of nature is on the doorstep -- here 11 spectacular spots for autumn, from New York to Norway.
4. A foliage sunrise is totally soul-cleansing. Vermilion Lakes drive is part of the Banff Legacy Trail, a 13-mile pathway
As far as amazing places go, there's truly no place like home. After all, why fret about exorbitant airfare to far-flung locales when you can experience some of the world's most stunning sights right here in North America?