Bangalore-based student Priyanka Shah's series depicts how roaming city streets is an emotional battle.
This year marks a decade since my family moved to Bangalore. On our arrival, in 2007, the city was still known more for its
At another level, in Johannesburg, South Africa, while rights, wages, legislation and living conditions all remain key issues
Photo credits: Max Wei and APD India In February 2016, the Sustainable Development Goal Network proposed an indicator for
By Adèle Charbonneau Photo credits: Biome Environmental Trust and Caio Palazzo for Ponte In another field, Felipe Villela
In Rio de Janeiro, according to the Ministry of Health, chronic non-communicable diseases (DCNTs), such as diabetes and hypertension
According to Ashali Bhandari, another victim of the increased land pressure in India has been the recycling hubs in Bangalore
Health, mental or physical, is a fundamental human right. It is influenced by biology but also by social and cultural norms, which have historically discriminated against women, making them more vulnerable.
Talk about a city of contrasts: once known as the Garden City of India, Bangalore is now known as the country's Silicon Valley (there's even a nearby winery), making it an exceptionally varied, modern and remarkably interesting part of the country.