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A group that represents consumer banks is pushing back against warnings by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that
Did the London Whale revelations result in protections for bank customers -- and their federal insurers -- from this kind of gambling?
Ironically, one rule the bank has lobbied Congress hard about is the Volcker Rule, which prohibits banks from trading with
Banks say transaction reordering is not simply a new way to squeeze profits from unsuspecting customers. They claim that by processing the largest transactions first, they're actually doing us a solid.
This summer, Wells Fargo paid $175 million to settle federal accusations that it steered black and Latino borrowers into high-cost loans and charged them excessive fees. Is Wells trying to make amends for its racism by increasing investment in communities of color? No.
Why don't we have tougher laws that prohibit banks and credit card companies from fabricating negative credit scores so that they can charge higher interest rates and laugh all the way to the bank?
Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) reportedly had planned to push the bill out of committee
In the crisis year of 2008, Goldman turned a total after-tax profit of $2.3 billion -- enough to pay the entire industry's
The FDIC As ProPublica's Jesse Eisinger wrote recently, this is also something of a test for the OCC under its new commissioner
Several sources have now reported that the prominent cufflinks Dimon wore during the hearing bore the seal of the President
When is Packard imagining himself having this conversation and what will he be asking for to call off the hounds? This statement speaks volumes about how the industry thinks about its involvement in politics.
The new SuperPAC is meant to consolidate the bankers' stranglehold over our politics and our lives.
The revolving door between Wall Street and Washington is about to turn once more. Richard Siewart, onetime counselor to Treasury
Alongside the professional lobbyists come actual bankers -- but not necessarily the Wall Street crowd, even though they have
The bank lobbyists have a problem. Last week, they lost a major battle on Capitol Hill, when Congress was not persuaded to