Bank of England

The Bank of England received 227,299 nominations from people suggesting figures from the world of science.
Cutting taxes for the wealthy does not amount to an investment in the middle class, and it neglects the looming issue of job displacement in our tech-driven world.
"The soy industry in Brazil is now leading the world in terms of private-sector leadership," said Holly Gibbs, the University
The economics is backed by $20 trillion in assets managed by the investment groups pushing companies to both disclose their
The new bills are stronger and more secure, but not animal-friendly.
One camp believes that as the UK retreats within its domestic borders, there will be a flight of capital to larger safe-haven economies, driving down the British sterling, and thereby increasing the cost of imports.
Unless the global community strikes an effective deal to rein in its carbon emissions, unchecked climate change could usher in a hellish world of lethal heat, soaring food prices, and the failure of even wealthy states.
Carney said on Tuesday that the BoE would invite the public to nominate British artists, craftsmen, designers or filmmakers
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All this pointed to steady if unspectacular U.S. growth. France has already complained about the euro's climb and Germany
"Dodd–Frank has not done enough to corral 'too big to fail' banks and, on balance, the act has made things worse, not better
Until the culture within the banking sector is systematically overhauled by regulators whose policies reflect the moral code of our society as a whole, we will never put our banking sector in order.
Namely, duty to market is the foundation of a well-functioning market. Only when combined with supervision, regulation, and codes of conduct stressing trust and personal integrity, can systemic failure, fraudulent practices, and rate manipulation be curtailed.
LONDON, July 25 (Reuters) - Britain's economy shrank far more than expected in the second quarter, battered by everything
As the interest rate manipulation scandal grips the banking industry, regulators have defended their actions and trumpeted
Libor is calculated daily in London for the U.S. dollar and other currencies when panels of banks submit estimates of how
It's easy to bash regulators. But it's not so easy to be one.