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Bank of America's chief executive officer, Brian Moynihan, has focused on cutting costs at the bank since he took the top
The federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour has not been raised since 2009, and number of workers living off that (or less
Financial stocks are the second-biggest sector in the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index and are well on the way to overtaking technology as the biggest industry in the broad stock index, Bloomberg reports. Guests Jason Weisberg and William Dickens join to discuss.
Banks aren't necessarily going to destroy the economy again, at least not in the very near future. But it always helps to
OTHER LOANS COULD PICK UP THE SLACK, OVER TIME Total loans at JPMorgan fell by $3 billion to $725 billion in the second quarter
But the banking sector has screamed up the charts, and not counting the always-hated federal government, it was No. 2 with
The disconnect between profitability and hiring or middle-income wage growth has been embedded in our economic system for decades -- this quarterly result is a mere microcosm.
The falling ratio comes despite an improving economy, which in normal times would translate into increased lending. On a
Bank earnings peaked in 2006 at $145.2 billion. The FDIC said the industry's full-year earnings were the second-highest on
"Management appears to be doing a superb job at keeping all expenses down and, in particular, retaining quality people without
Thing Five: Fed To America: You're Welcome: Well, this should help with the deficit, a little: The Federal Reserve turned
This is not rocket science. By developing a public banking system, governments can keep the interest and reinvest it locally.
Even if the contraction were to stop, at least another three to six months must pass before lending margins actually increase
This was the reasoning offered by Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan in October, when he estimated that regulations imposed
Wall Street just scrimped, saved and cut its way back to pre-recession levels of profit. Bank profits jumped to a five-year
The shrinking physical presence of Wall Street firms mirrors the overall state of remission in the financial industry. In
How long will we permit the major banks to "game" our economic system? Or, maybe it's time to frankly acknowledge they have become the De facto fourth branch of our government, without any amendment to our Constitution.
Still, Americans credit card usage may remain a cause for concern. An October study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Wells Fargo is slated to lose the most in deposits over the next year, the report found. Cg42 estimates that the fourth-largest
To put that in perspective, the bank had only three days of trading losses in the second quarter and zero days of trading